Kiana Rempfer

Kiana Rempfer started dancing when she was 5 years old and has been dancing ever since! She loves to teach Hip Hop and basic dance moves to people of all ages. She believes everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way–which is why she likes to help people discover their capabilities through the form of dance and give them a reason to smile and feel confident in themselves. Kiana’s danced up and down the east coast in competitions, professionally, and has traveled to Los Angeles to dance as well. She’s been in a couple of indie artist music videos and has danced with dance star Misha Gabriel from “Step Up 4” the movie, Dexter Carr, Face-Off, and others.

Off-topic: Kiana likes art and occasionally draws from time to time. She’s a people person and can put together a bangin’ party! She loves to do makeup and is skilled enough in hair as well.