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Five to six year olds build solid foundations of techniques while making wonderful friends and building on their self-confidence, self-discipline and ability to work in a team.

We keep every class positive and always encourage the students to have fun.

Class Information


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Kinder Ballet

Age 5-6

A beginner ballet class progressing to a more structured ballet class with an introduction of more barre work.

Kinder Tap

Age 5-6

A beginner tap class progressing to a more advanced tap class combining more steps with the continuation of learning more rhythms.

Kinder Acro

Age 5-6

Students will learn the foundation and techniques of acrobatics, including cartwheels, walkovers and other mat exercises. 

Students will learn how to use these exercises along with their dance technique to perform unique routines. 

Please note: Acro students must also be enrolled in and attending a technique class in jazz or ballet at their level.

Kinder Jazz

Age 5-6

Having evolved from ballet and a variety of other techniques, jazz has become a popular and energetic style of American dance. 

Classes cover center floor work, boom combinations with turns and high energy combinations that allow students to explore individuality.

Kinder Hip-Hop

Age 5-6

Students will learn today’s hottest dance movements as they explore their own creativity in a very energizing atmosphere.

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