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D'Amani Hillman

D’Amani began her dance training at 3 years old, loving the stage while tap dancing to “Animal Crackers.” She loved tap and wanted to learn more styles. She started Jazz and ballet and continued her education in tap and jazz. She learned about other dance forms, including acrobatics, hip hop, cheerleading, pom dance, and Zumba dance fitness. She continued her dance education and training throughout high school and into college. In college, she was able to be exposed to modern styles such as Horton and Graham, as well as fusions of other modern dance styles. She participated in workshops that exposed her to African dance styles. D’Amani continues to look for new and innovative styles and loves to watch creative choreography for inspiration. D’Amani developed a love and deeper understanding of ballet and dance theory and the essential fundamentals of dance training. D’Amani is very excited to work with the families at Encore Academy of Dance and watch the dancers grow into strong and confident people who love to dance!