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5 Reasons Dress Code is Important at Encore Academy of Dance

Most dancers are excited to get on stage in a beautiful costume when performing. The matching costumes, tights, hairstyles, and jewelry can make any performance more exciting! But wearing the right clothes in class is just as important as wearing the right clothes onstage. Encore Academy of Dance understands the importance of having a dress code in class and rehearsal. Here are 5 reasons why every dancer should adhere to the dress code in their classes.

  1. Safety
    Many dance studios have different dress codes for different genres of dance. A dress code ensures that all dancers will have adequate mobility during class or rehearsal. Improper clothing can impact technique, precision, ability to grip the floor, and visibility. This is especially important to remember when performing group and partnering choreography.
  2. Increased Focus
    Each dress code is chosen so the dancer can move to the best of their ability and focus on their steps, not on what they are wearing. No matter if they are beginners or advanced, dancers need to eliminate distractions so they can learn and perform to their best ability. Even wearing dance clothes that are the wrong color can be distracting to others. Clothes that don’t match dress code, not having the correct shoes, and hair falling in a dancer’s face can distract dancers and pull their attention away from learning. Even in an ideal situation, it can be challenging to keep young children and adolescents focused; a dress code eliminates the distraction of clothing.
  3. Respect
    Following the dress code takes effort and shows that the dancers are serious about improving and developing their dance skills. This is especially true for young dancers. Wearing proper dress code helps signal that they are ready for a more structured class, not just playtime. Adhering to the dress code also shows that the dancer shows respect towards the dance style they are studying.
  4. Body Positioning
    When dancers wear proper dress code, it helps the instructor and the dancer better understand how their bodies move and what muscle groups are involved in each movement. This body awareness allows dancers to create stronger bonds between themselves and other dancers and creates a bond throughout the class.
  5. Confidence and Attitude
    Similarly to on stage, the right clothes in class can make a dancer feel more confident in the style they are dancing. When a person feels they are dressed for the class, they often feel more accepted into that class’s culture. Merely putting a dancer in proper dance attire can completely change their posture, and in the right dancewear, a dancer feels more confident and willing to take on the challenge of any new step or skill.

Dress codes are essential in many dance studios and can change the attitude and performance of dancers. Dancers at all levels can benefit from wearing proper dress code when they are in class, rehearsing, and performing.

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